So the Red River is flooding again, this time putting the hurt on Fargo. Is anyone surprised? I'm not. The vast majority of the state lives along that river, and how many times in the last 50 years has the state's residents had to scramble to put up makeshift sandbag dikes to keep the river at bay?
It's inevitable. Every dozen years or so this happens.
So lets see...the state has a huge budget surplus. 2.46 billion dollars. Billion - with a B -billion.
How about spend some of that money on education? No. ok.
Health care? nope.
Wind energy? nope.
How about public infrastructure projects like a frickin flood control system?! No. They'll just sit on it for a "rainy day."
Nothing like government for the people, by the people.


daniel vincent john said...

wind energy and bicycles will save us.

welcome back.

Lars said...

I love blogs from Angry Brooks.

becca jo said...

Angry Brooks scares me.

G-reg said...

We didn't abandon the city, and as a result it didn't flood.....so no money for future anti-flood projects. Don't worry, this is a 100 year flood. It won't happen for another 100 years....or next week