I got some tracks installed on the roof of the Scion so I could attach a rack that wasn't a pain in the ass to put on and take off. It turned out pretty slick. I had a local body shop do the dirty work since I couldn't muster up the courage to drill holes in the roof of my car. Here's a blog where some dude put them on a Prius.

I also raced a local crit this weekend. Pretty uneventful. I wasn't positioned very good, maybe 10th wheel in the final turn, and like clockwork, some douche had to crash. I had to slow down to get around him, and lost a bunch of places. So I missed out on the ever valuable upgrade points, but the sensations in the legs were good, and I'm optomistic for the season.

My very own Graham Watson captured the crash -thanks Mary! Zoom in on that bad boy. How does that happen?


Brian said...

Nice pics Mary!

Holy crap, look at the beard on Ferguson! Grizzly Adams right there.

My guess on the crash: he took the turn too hot and clipped his inner pedal on the ground, causing his rear wheel to skip up into the air and him to lose control. Definitely a cool action shot. Mary should submit it to VeloNews photos of the week.

G-reg said...

Ha, and you and B thought your days of sketchy Cat4 Crits were over.